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A New Beginning

It helps to see important principles lived out in real life. And Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie shows us some important principles as we follow the life of Moses. We’ll emulate his successes and learn from his failures … so tune in for the rich counsel!

A Word For Life

We, The Word of Life Bible Fellowship, endeavor to be a church that effectively meets the needs of the whole person helping them to first come to know Christ, then helping them to mature in Christ, and then helping to equip them for service in the Church and in the world for the glory of God.

Adventures in Odyssey

Connie is finally graduating from high school but faces a dilemma when the principal doesn’t like the prayer she wants to say at the graduation ceremony.

AM Seattle

Dave Drui brings you world renowned bible teachers and family experts on AM Seattle every weekday morning. Every half hour, a different one: Dave and Ann Wilson, Chuck Swindoll, and Alistair Begg are just a few heard.

Answers For Elders Radio

Providers help families to navigate the complicated world of Eldercare, with a comprehensive line-up of topics: • Health & Wellness • Life Changes • Living Options • Money & Law

Clear Mind Radio

Clear Mind Radio is a weekly program geared at helping listeners understand the value behind the psychology of biblical scriptures to help them grow in their faith and quest for a deeper spiritual relationship with Christ to achieve balance in their mind, body, and spirit.

FamilyLife Today®

Dive deep into 1 Corinthians 13 as Bob Lepine, along with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, discuss the counter-intuitive principles of love God has given for lifelong relationships. According to 1 Corinthians, the Christian's job description starts with long-suffering, rugged, durable patience, not . . .

Focus on the Family

It’s possible to find freedom from your hang-ups—you just need to know where to look. Johnny Baker tells his powerful story of recovering from a secret alcohol addiction. He offers practical and proven steps to digging up the root of your negative issues so you can experience true healing.

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Grace to You

On this edition of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, he will help you prepare for the future by looking at the signs of Christ’s return  in a series he calls Jesus Is Coming!

Grace to You Weekend

Do you have assurance that you’re saved for good . . . that if you have received salvation, there is no way that you could lose it?

Heart of the City

Heart of the City features interviews with pastors and ministry leaders from around the Northwest. Each story is unique and shows the imagination of God and how He reveals Himself to us.

Hope for Today

Hope for Today is weekly inspiration featuring biblical preaching providing real hope in a real God for real people facing the challenges of real life.


Tune in each Sunday for Ignite - you will surely be encouraged and empowered in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Touch Ministries

All of us fall into one of two categories: those who have been captured by the philosophy of the world or those who have been made complete in Christ. In this message, Dr. Stanley describes these two types of people and the vastly different consequences of each worldview. We encounter worldly . . .

Insight for Living

Our sinful nature doesn’t disappear when we accept Jesus Christ into our life. Sin can continue to lead us toward dangerous destinations where we shouldn’t go. Amazingly, even though we have the Holy Spirit permanently living within us to restrain us from acting out, we often go right ahead and . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Jordan Sekulow and a team of guests break down the ACLJ's school choice initiative as well as a recent SCOTUS case involving school choice.

Leading The Way

Dr. Michael Youssef shares how to Honor Your Father and Mother.   Practical words for grown children and those living at home on Leading The Way.

Lechem Panim

Lechem Panim is a weekly radio show on 820AM The Word. The ministry of Lechem Panim is centered around leading people into the life-giving presence of God in and through Bible study, prayer, and ministering to a world that is in desperate need of the healing touch of Jesus Christ.

Let My People Think

Our world is filled with trials, challenges, and adversity. How can Christians share the beauty of the gospel when these tones of adversity seem to take over our conversations? Join Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think as he discusses how we can learn from the life of the Biblical . . .

Lions Den Report

A unique fifteen minute weekly interview radio program featuring guests who are dedicated Christians on secular university campuses.

Live from Seattle with Michelle Mendoza

Live From Seattle with Michelle Mendoza is a fun, feisty, faith-filled look at the news behind the news…the “God story” behind the headlines and truth within the topics of the day.  Your drive home will be more informative and enjoyable with Michelle, your friend in the afternoon.  

Mid-Day on the Sound

Take that second cup of coffee with Michelle Mendoza and dig into the Word with some great friends like Rick Warren and Robert Jeffress. Plus, enjoy specialty programs on Christian counseling and family.

New Life Live!

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich Caller Questions: - My husband wants me to go outside our marriage to satisfy him, and I won’t do it anymore. - How do I stop being the loneliest fat man in America and become a part of society again? - I was asked by the pastor’s wife to . . .

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we need a faith that works. In this new series, Pastor Rick teaches through the book of James to help you move toward a deep and genuine faith in God and to show you how faith is something you do.  When we're under stress, we often try to ease our worries and end up . . .

Pathway to Victory

Whether you realize it or not, Satan is waging a spiritual war against every single Christian. And if we aren’t wise to his tactics, we can easily fall prey to his attacks. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress uncovers Satan’s three-fold plan to destroy God and His people.

Paws & Tales

“It’s a battle between the Haves and the Have-Nots!” With his father making a lot of money working for Mr. Rockler, C.J. quickly finds himself on the outs with his jealous friends. New clothes, new privileges—even Tiffany thinks C.J. is okay now! When God told us to “weep with those who weep and . . .

Real Radio

Being a Christian kid is to find your place in life, and decide who you are going to be. Today’s culture says that believing in the Bible is like living back in the Stone Age. But, in reality the Bible holds all the answers to life, no matter what age we live in.

Retirement Freedom

Retirement Freedom is live call-in radio designed to help you understand the world of investments and answer your personal financial questions.

Soul Search

How to find personal faith in an increasingly impersonal world.

The Alternative

The Bible says we reap what we sow. But Dr. Tony Evans says that principle doesn’t work in our favor if we skip a step. Join him for this look at the vital link that exists between needs and seeds.

The Bible Study Hour

Taken captive and marched off to another country, Daniel and his friends have some amazing adventures in Babylonia. But through it all, they are faithful to God. As you enter into their story, you'll learn more about: the sovereignty of God, and why we must be holy and Christian living in a secular . . .

The Boundless Show

Appreciating denominational differences, plus the role of touch in human interaction, and what to do when parents get in the way of a relationship. 

The Road to Reality - Weekend

The foundation of today’s study is the book of Acts!  When a team is looking for a head coach, or a company is on a search for a C.E.O. they want the best of the best or those most qualified to get things done.  But God has something else in mind when He’s putting His team together!   He’s on a . . .

Thru the Bible

We can’t love others in our own strength. It takes the love of God “poured out in our hearts” to love each other God’s way. Learn more about how to love one another using Jesus Christ as our example.

Townhall Review

The Townhall Review is a one stop shop for relevant news and intelligent analysis from the leading talk show hosts in the nation: Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Bill Bennett, and Mike Gallagher.

Truth For Life

In our culture, retirement is often seen as a chance to relax and step away from responsibility. On Truth For Life, Alistair Begg presents a different perspective as he challenges us to plan for a lifetime of devoted service to God.

Turning Point

Humorists have long portrayed heaven as the home of angels floating on clouds playing their harps. It's no wonder so many people assume heaven will be boring! Dr. David Jeremiah explodes that myth with biblical reasons why heaven will be anything but dull. 

Understanding the Times

Jan spends the hour with Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Pastor Tom Hughes. They discuss “Prophecy Derangement Syndrome”—the loathing or mocking of eschatology heavily coming from within the church. They play clips to back this up. How did this happen to this glorious message of hope?


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