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A New Beginning

Pastor Greg Laurie says he’s never met a Christian who’s failing spiritually who was also studying the Bible diligently. Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg points out how dedicated disciples spend quality time digging in to God’s Word. Learn more!

A Word For Life

We, The Word of Life Bible Fellowship, endeavor to be a church that effectively meets the needs of the whole person helping them to first come to know Christ, then helping them to mature in Christ, and then helping to equip them for service in the Church and in the world for the glory of God.

Adventures in Odyssey

As her parents seem headed for divorce, Mandy Straussberg faces the future with a grim determination. Meanwhile, her father works on making his move to Chicago permanent.

Allen Jackson Ministries

Since its inception in 2010, Allen Jackson Ministries has taken its mission seriously and has developed tools to take the message of God’s Word to where people live around the corner or across the globe. Pastor Allen’s sermons are broadcast across the United States and also translated and broadcast to such places as Russia, Ukraine, and Israel.

AM Seattle

Dave Drui brings you world renowned bible teachers and family experts on AM Seattle every weekday morning. Every half hour, a different one: Dave and Ann Wilson, Chuck Swindoll, and Alistair Begg are just a few heard.

Answers For Elders Radio

Providers help families to navigate the complicated world of Eldercare, with a comprehensive line-up of topics: • Health & Wellness • Life Changes • Living Options • Money & Law

Eastridge Today

Find the hope and encouragement you crave with Pastor Steve Jamison, lead pastor of Eastridge Church.

FamilyLife Today®

Art Rainer, author of “The Marriage Challenge: A Finance Guide for Married Couples,” talks about four different money personalities in marriage: the saver, spender, investor, and ignorer. He explains how to talk about money before and after marriage, including how to address bad money habits, like . . .

Focus on the Family

Christians may not want to fight with each other, but conflict is inevitable. So how can we manage it in godly ways? Pastor Brian Noble illustrates how peace is obtainable when we pursue humility and God’s agenda instead of our own!

Focus on the Family Weekend

Focus on the Family presents Weekend  — the magazine show packed full of fun tips and great advice for families caught in the fast lane of life.

Grace to You

You may believe everything Scripture says about God’s goodness . . . mercy . . . and protective power. But how can the Bible possibly claim that hard trials are actually good for you?

Grace to You Weekend

If you’re a husband, how can you be sure you’re leading your family like God wants you to? And if you’re a wife, what are some practical ways you can fulfill the crucial role God’s designed for you?

Heart of the City

Heart of the City features interviews with pastors and ministry leaders from around the Northwest. Each story is unique and shows the imagination of God and how He reveals Himself to us.

Hope for Today

Hope for Today is weekly inspiration featuring biblical preaching providing real hope in a real God for real people facing the challenges of real life.

Hope Now

Hope Now is not just another daily Bible-Study program, but rather is a discussion between Gary and Pete, focusing on how Jesus and Scripture relate to literally every area of life. Hope Now is here to highlight the fact that Christians have access to literally everything we need in order to know, love and serve God.

In Touch

How can a sinful person enter into a relationship with a perfect, holy God? By Christ’s atoning sacrifice. Dr. Stanley explains how an abundant life is possible only when we recognize all that our Savior did for us at Calvary. The message of the cross is that God redeems us from our sins and . . .

Insight for Living

From the very beginning, Jesus emphasized that following Him is no easy stroll in a park. As the world was hostile toward Him, it will be toward us. Because we are sheep among wolves, Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. In this exposition of Matthew 10:11–31, Pastor . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

As rockets fire into Jerusalem, Jay, Logan, and the team discuss the growing conflict between Israel and Palestine under the Biden administration.

Leading The Way

Today on Leading The Way, Dr. Youssef looks at the life of King David and how he learned a hard lesson about the benefits of walking in obedience. 

Lechem Panim

Lechem Panim is a weekly radio show on 820AM The Word. The ministry of Lechem Panim is centered around leading people into the life-giving presence of God in and through Bible study, prayer, and ministering to a world that is in desperate need of the healing touch of Jesus Christ.

Let the Truth Set You Free

"Let the Truth Set You Free" is about using the Word of God to set people free of sin and of common challenges such as depression, anger, fear, worry and discouragement.  Thus leading them to live a life of victory until Jesus comes again or they go to join him.

Lions Den Report

A unique fifteen minute weekly interview radio program featuring guests who are dedicated Christians on secular university campuses.

Live from Seattle with Expedia Cruises

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New Life Live!

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Becky Brown, Milan Yerkovich Caller Questions: - Can Milan explain the gravitational field he mentioned last week? I have a toxic mother. - Is it OK not to join a small group as an introvert? Churches are pushing them more than Bible studies. - I Corinthians 6:12 says all . . .

Pathway to Victory

Have you ever wondered whether the Bible permits Christians to watch R-rated movies or smoke or drink alcohol? The answers to those questions and more have to do with grace! Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress explains that making the right choices starts with having a proper . . .

Paws & Tales

Officer Hunt is on the case of a real “whodunit”! Gold and cargo have been stolen from Captain Reginald’s ship and Hunt must find the burglar. Did Officer Hunt arrest the right man, or will the real thief escape from justice with all the gold? Things aren’t as they seem in this Paws & Tales seaside . . .

Real Radio

When we add to our faith love, how is that to be expressed? Well, God’s love is a supernatural overflow of good will. A divine love that asks nothing in return. In real life it means to just do it. Do it for Jesus, do it for good, and do the right thing in spite of what you feel.

Retirement Freedom

Retirement Freedom is live call-in radio designed to help you understand the world of investments and answer your personal financial questions.

Straight Talk with Gary Randall

Gary Randall speaks from a pastor's perspective in addressing the most critical and important social and political issues each day from a biblical point of view.The goal is to inform Christians about Faith, Freedom and Family.

The Alternative

If we insist on living our lives independently of God, he won’t stop us. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why that decision will rob you of the freedom you were looking for in the first place.

The Bible Study Hour

Pilate wasn't a follower of Jesus. He wished only to remain neutral, and innocent of Christ's blood. But he couldn't remain neutral... and neither should we. Coming up on the Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Montgomery Boice will explain Pilate's unfortunate failure in the courtroom, where he was far . . .

The Boundless Show

Getting real about the dangers of pornography, plus Greg and Michael Smalley on guys and relationships, and advice for relating to your parents.Featured musical artist: Hollyn Roundtable: When Pornography Controls You (Part 2)According to Barna, over 60% of Christian men say they’ve viewed . . .

The Road to Reality - Weekend

Each day, followers of Christ are called to die to themselves and their flesh. The Road to Reality Radio Program asks people to seek a deeper walk with Christ, to live a life wholly centered on Him and to reach out to those who are . . .

Thru the Bible

The Bible Bus is headed to what may seem like the wild west. In this study, we’ll witness a kidnapping (of Lot), a chase through the wilderness, and meet a stranger who comes out of nowhere to serve the good guys bread and wine. (And later? We find out that stranger is Jesus!). Want to know more? . . .

Townhall Review

The Townhall Review is a one stop shop for relevant news and intelligent analysis from the leading talk show hosts in the nation: Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Bill Bennett, and Mike Gallagher.

Truth For Life

Pastoring a local church can be challenging. It’s no small task to follow Christ’s example and reflect His character as we interact with others. Discover what a Christ-shaped ministry looks like when you join us on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Turning Point

If you’ve ever wronged somebody, you know what it feels like to wait on their forgiveness. There’s simply no rest, no peace, until you’ve been forgiven. Dr. David Jeremiah tackles the topic of forgiveness with insights from a king who was well-acquainted with it. 

Understanding the Times

Jan Markell and Jeff Kinley discuss his new book “Aftershocks.” Christians are enduring one global crisis after another. The greatest for the unbeliever is ahead—the Rapture of the Church. Find the book in our online store. Until we are removed, we may have several aftershocks.  We have entered . . .

Your Move with Andy Stanley

The show is called Your Move because Andy does all the talking, so it needed a title that helps you remember you’re supposed to do something. Otherwise, it’s just a lecture, and that’s what high school was for.


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