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A New Beginning

Pastor Greg Laurie says God is on a search. He may be on a search for you! Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg points out how the Lord is looking for people who’ll make themselves available for His use! No special skills required; on the job training available. Learn more!

A Word For Life

We, The Word of Life Bible Fellowship, endeavor to be a church that effectively meets the needs of the whole person helping them to first come to know Christ, then helping them to mature in Christ, and then helping to equip them for service in the Church and in the world for the glory of God.

AM Seattle

Dave Drui brings you world renowned bible teachers and family experts on AM Seattle every weekday morning. Every half hour, a different one: Dave and Ann Wilson, Chuck Swindoll, and Alistair Begg are just a few heard.

Answers For Elders Radio

Providers help families to navigate the complicated world of Eldercare, with a comprehensive line-up of topics: • Health & Wellness • Life Changes • Living Options • Money & Law

Clear Mind Radio

Clear Mind Radio is a weekly program geared at helping listeners understand the value behind the psychology of biblical scriptures to help them grow in their faith and quest for a deeper spiritual relationship with Christ to achieve balance in their mind, body, and spirit.

Delivering the Gospel, Transforming Lives.

You’ll hear a vital Gospel message and a story of someone’s life that has been completely transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, every Sunday at 9:30 am on Delivering The Gospel, Transforming Lives with Bill Nienhuis, President of Childcare Worldwide. Bill will also bring updates on what Childcare Worldwide is doing to help children across the world to accept the love of Jesus as their cornerstone. Join Bill every Sunday morning at 9:30 am for Delivering The Gospel, Transforming Lives.

FamilyLife Today®

In the ever-escalating tension of today's culture, Bob Lepine poses this question to the congregation at Redeemer Church in Little Rock, Ark.: How would Jesus want us to represent Him when we talk about society, politics, and government? According to the Bible, what we agree on about Jesus and the . . .

Focus on the Family

Motherhood can be exhausting. And while you may not have time for a nap, there are some ways you can feel refreshed and encouraged in the midst of the chaos! Hear how three moms connect with Jesus—and each other—and embrace grace and joy in each parenting season.

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Grace to You

You’ve heard of Nero . . . the first-century Roman emperor who outlawed Christianity and murdered thousands of believers. What did the apostle Paul—who lived in that society—say about the Roman government? How do his words apply to you today . . . no matter what kind of government you live under?

Grace to You Weekend

You hear the gospel and pray the sinner’s prayer. You faithfully serve your church. And you tell others about Christ. Yet one day, you stand before the God you claim to know . . . and find out, to your horror, that He doesn’t know you! How could that possibly happen?

Heart of the City

Heart of the City features interviews with pastors and ministry leaders from around the Northwest. Each story is unique and shows the imagination of God and how He reveals Himself to us.

Hope for Today

Hope for Today is weekly inspiration featuring biblical preaching providing real hope in a real God for real people facing the challenges of real life.


Tune in each Sunday for Ignite - you will surely be encouraged and empowered in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Touch Ministries

Do you realize that God has a specific plan for your life? Many people wonder how God could be personally interested in them if He has the entire universe to care for. In God's Loving Desire for You, Dr. Stanley explains that God is genuinely interested in whatever concerns us.

Insight for Living

What do you do when you lose heart? When the wind goes out of your sails and your morale drops to a new low? When life has weighed you down once again and those times of encouragement and joy seem no more than a distant memory? Paul, sitting in a Roman prison and yet filled with the joy of the . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Today Jordan, Jay, and Thann discuss the last minute changes issued by the Debate Commission for the upcoming final Presidential Debate. 

Leading The Way

Today on Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef challenges you to be light in the darkness - Passionately proclaiming uncompromising Truth!  Plan to listen!

Lechem Panim

Lechem Panim is a weekly radio show on 820AM The Word. The ministry of Lechem Panim is centered around leading people into the life-giving presence of God in and through Bible study, prayer, and ministering to a world that is in desperate need of the healing touch of Jesus Christ.

Let My People Think

Our world is filled with trials, challenges, and adversity. How can Christians share the beauty of the gospel when these tones of adversity seem to take over our conversations? Join Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think as he discusses how we can learn from the life of the Biblical . . .

Lions Den Report

A unique fifteen minute weekly interview radio program featuring guests who are dedicated Christians on secular university campuses.

Live from Seattle with Michelle Mendoza

Live From Seattle with Michelle Mendoza is a fun, feisty, faith-filled look at the news behind the news…the “God story” behind the headlines and truth within the topics of the day.  Your drive home will be more informative and enjoyable with Michelle, your friend in the afternoon.  

Mid-Day on the Sound

Take that second cup of coffee with Michelle Mendoza and dig into the Word with some great friends like Rick Warren and Robert Jeffress. Plus, enjoy specialty programs on Christian counseling and family.

New Life Live!

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Milan Yerkovich, Chris Williams Caller Questions: - How do I heal from shame when both of my parents were emotionally unhealthy? - My husband is a sex addict and lies; what else can I do after separating? - What does God think about plastic surgery? I am considering breast . . .

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

Did you know God’s given you the ability to control your thoughts? He has, and it’s important to understand this because your thoughts will control your life. Join Pastor Rick for this series about changing your behavior by renewing the way you think. When you get the mind of Christ and you begin . . .

Pathway to Victory

In recent months, we’ve all felt the negative effects of a rocky stock market. But Revelation 18 describes an even worse time when the entire world economy will completely crumble. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress describes a time in the last days when people will be left with . . .

Paws & Tales

The thrilling conclusion to the Goliath, King of Shadow Valley series finds Chuck experiencing new life in Christ and a new mission. This broadcast also features an interview with Paws & Tales' creators Dave Carl and Eric Baesel discussing why the Goliath Series was written and encouraging parents . . .

Real Radio

The believing wife is an awesome witness of Christ. Her submission, as well as her testimony, can silence the arguments of an unbelieving husband. She can touch his heart simply through her love and devotion.

Retirement Freedom

Retirement Freedom is live call-in radio designed to help you understand the world of investments and answer your personal financial questions.

Straight Talk with Gary Randall

Gary Randall speaks from a pastor's perspective in addressing the most critical and important social and political issues each day from a biblical point of view.The goal is to inform Christians about Faith, Freedom and Family.

The Alternative

From the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare to Mark Twain… it’s been said that “the clothes make the man.” In this special message from Jonathan Evans, discover how there is actually a biblical basis to that age-old cliché.

The Bible Study Hour

A single door leading to God is a troubling picture for many people. Especially when the door is narrow. And when you can only get through it with conscious effort. And when the door will one day be closed. But then, Jesus never did shy away from saying troubling things. In this message, Dr. James . . .

The Boundless Show

Men tell how they proposed to their girlfriends, plus myths about singleness, and is it time to stop texting a male friend?Featured musical artist: AbandonRoundtable: Engagement Stories (The Guys’ Side)With the holidays fast approaching, many young men are engagement-ring shopping in anticipation . . .

The Road to Reality - Weekend

Let’s remember that our labors and sacrifices for the Lord are not in vain. Our efforts will be rewarded whenever our motive is right, and our labor and sacrifices are for Jesus!  Scripture has much to say about rewards, and that is our topic today on the Road to Reality.

Thru the Bible

If you’re standing between a rock and a hard place today, you aren’t alone. Learn from Haggai that even in the hard places, we stand in the love of God. As Dr. McGee says, “Although His love may include a lot of hammering and chiseling—it’s all intended to make us more like Jesus.”

Townhall Review

The Townhall Review is a one stop shop for relevant news and intelligent analysis from the leading talk show hosts in the nation: Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Bill Bennett, and Mike Gallagher.

Truth For Life

What’s a pastor’s ultimate goal? While preaching, teaching, and warning the congregation are essential objectives, they’re not the primary purpose Paul identified. Hear an instructive message for church leaders and members on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Turning Point

A positive attitude makes you more than just likeable. It can make you stronger in times of crisis and help you move forward with God’s plan for your future. Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at the optimism demonstrated by the Apostle Paul and how it fuels a stronger Christian walk. 

Understanding the Times

Jan Markell features Michele Bachmann again this week who warns that progressives plan to do more leftist destruction in 100 days than they have done in 100 years after the November election. Believers are pushing back against this darkness. While the Left is proud of evil, Christians are proud of . . .


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