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Tune in daily at 12:30-1:30pm to the Carrie Abbott Show to hear news, views, and values you can trust! On each episode of the Carrie Abbott show, you’ll hear biblical wisdom, positive perspectives and refreshing insights from Carrie and her guests - some of the nation’s foremost experts, authors, and leaders. Carrie tackles today’s emerging issues…from sexuality and the family to politics and education with courage, bringing you hope and helping you live in agreement with your unique divine design as an image bearer!

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About Carrie Abbott

Carrie is the founder and President of The Legacy Institute. With over 32 years of teaching on relationships, Carrie is a popular national speaker and an author of more than a dozen resources used nationwide. Carrie hosts a daily ½ hour radio show called Relationship Insights, heard on stations in the Seattle region as well as stations airing in CA, NV, OK, AK, MO and her podcast is downloaded in 128 countries. Carrie is married to Greg and they have five children and 13 grandchildren.


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