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Eastridge Today

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Find the hope and encouragement you crave with Pastor Steve Jamison, lead pastor of Eastridge Church. You’ll enjoy the combination of his experience as a pastor of 22 years and evangelist of 14 years and how that has influenced his heart for people. It’s this unique perspective that helps people find a deep relationship with Christ and pathways for greater personal growth.

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About Steve Jamison

Steve Jamison brings a unique blend of 22 years of pastoring at Eastridge Church (growing the church to two campuses in the Seattle area and one campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) and 14 years of evangelism around the U.S. and world. He is co-founder of Jammin’ Against the Darkness, an evangelistic event held in Key Arena, Safeco Field and other major arenas that feature NBA-style hoops, award-winning music and the message of Christ.


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