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Pete Talbott

Pete Talbott

Hope Now is not just another daily Bible-Study program, but rather is a discussion between Gary and Pete, focusing on how Jesus and Scripture relate to literally every area of life. Hope Now is here to highlight the fact that Christians have access to literally everything we need in order to know, love and serve God.

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Pete Talbott has been in business in the greater Seattle area for nearly 50 years. He founded several companies, including Five Loaves and Two Fish Company, Twelve Baskets Restaurants, Twelve Baskets Catering and Relief Factor. In 1987 Pete started The Talbott Group, an advertising and production company that helps small to mid-sized businesses and ministries develop and implement strategic marketing programs. In addition, Pete has created and produced over 18,000 hours of radio. He has also hosted several of those hours, many with Gary Gulbranson.



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