Michelle Mendoza

Michelle Mendoza

Live From Seattle with Michelle Mendoza is a fun, feisty, faith-filled look at the news behind the news…the “God story” behind the headlines and truth within the topics of the day.  Your drive home will be more informative and enjoyable with Michelle, your friend in the afternoon.  

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Michelle Mendoza has a uniquely diverse background in the entertainment and communications industry with a first love of talk radio.   She has hosted programs on popular radio stations in the Seattle area, the U.S. and radio UK. Michelle has appeared on CNN, CBS Radio, and television news stations commenting on issues of the day from a non-judgmental faith based world view.

Michelle has been seen on the big screen and has produced, directed and acted in film, stage and screen productions. She is a singer, song writer, musician and performer currently with the band Reunion and the Hawaiian ministry band and dance group Ho e’u which means to rouse!

A Northwest girl with a Big Island heart; Michelle dances with Hula Halau O Na Mele O Hawaii. Michelle is a professional cultural dancer sharing and teaching movement that celebrates women of ALL ages, shapes and sizes. She performs publicly and teaches encouraging dance workshops for women.

Michelle has always maintained an intense involvement in local events, church and para church organizations and charities. You will find her as emcee of events, performing and speaking at church or charity events and auctions. Part of who Michelle is stems from very real life experience, trials, and a love for the people in her life from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Her relatable, quick witted and vivacious personality is why Michelle is regularly sought out for speaking, public appearances, on air hosting and performances.  



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